Change Log
  • Added: 3 New PFMs: Grid Shapes, Grid Dashes and Grid Letters, more details here
  • Added: Documentation Integration
    • Go to Help / Open Documentation - to open the documentation in-app
    • In the Path Finding Controls window, select Help, to display a specific PFM's settings.
    • Select Any PFM Setting while the documentation window is open, to bring up the specific setting's definition.
  • Added: You can now check for new updates in software by going to Help / Check For Updates, if an update is available a link will be provided.
  • Added: Option to specify a default Import / Export folder for new projects.
  • Added: Invert Colour Option too Colour Match.
  • Added: Keyboard Shortcut Shift + V - Creates a new version.
  • Improved: Saved Projects will save the last used Import / Export Folder.
  • Improved: Layout / Appearance of Export Stats and moves/pen lifts will now be placed in order making the shapes slider more useful in Exported Drawing mode, shown when exporting vector files
  • Improved: Visual appearance of Notifications
  • Improved: "Reset" & "Stop" responsiveness on Voronoi PFMs
  • Improved: Mosaic PFMs will now render their progress in a more useful way, without restarting after each tile is processed.
  • Improved: Performance of transformations on SVG masks
  • Improved: Sketch Shapes PFM now supports all Style parameters.
  • Fixed: Mosaic + Layers PFM - Drawing Styles not loading/saving properly.
  • Fixed: CMYK Pens not exporting with the correct Opacity value.
  • Fixed: Export Stats displaying the wrong units.
  • Fixed: Image Cropping not loading properly when re-opening a project / switching to another open project.
  • Fixed: Drawings / Images not being refreshed properly when switching between two open projects.
  • Fixed: Voronoi PFMs continuing to run the background after being reset.
  • Fixed: Log Files being incomplete.
  • Fixed: Project files saving with the wrong extension in some situations.
  • Fixed: Stipple Size having no effect on Stipple PFMs
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Windows Portable (.zip)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)