Change log
  • Added: New Presets “Messy TSP”, “Hatchy Squiggles” & “Glitchy Stars” – for Adaptive/LBG Circular Scribbles & “Light Crosshatch” for Layers PFM
  • Improved: ‘Default’ & ‘Detailed Scribbles’ & ‘Sketch’ – Circular Scribbles Presets
  • Improved: More improvements to the quality of Circular Scribbles, transitions between different radii will be smoother.
  • Changed: The default “Angular Velocity” for Adaptive Circular Scribbles & LBG Circular Scribbles is 60 instead of 20.
  • Fixed: Using CMYK with Mosaic PFMS.
  • Fixed: CMYK Processing failing to finish properly with “Coordinate out of bounds”
  • Fixed: SVG Converter PFM not scaling properly and sometimes moving elements of the SVG.
  • Fixed: Drawings created with the SVG Converter PFM not keeping the SVGs original size when exported.
  • Fixed: Loading Projects when the original image can’t be located would not load the chosen replacement image.
  • Fixed: “Star” and “Triangle” shapes missing rotation when using Shapes PFMs
  • Fixed: Loading Projects ignored the Drawing Area orientation.
  • Fixed: Drawings being re-rendered when exporting non-vector files.
  • Fixed: Drawings being re-generated when creating new preset files.
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