Change Log
  • Improved: RAM Usage has been reduced in many situations and the general responsiveness of the application improved.
  • Improved: Sketch PFMs have been further optimised, with speed improvements up to 2x.
  • Improved: Sketch Sweeping Curves especially now runs considerably faster.
  • Improved: Optimised the Hardware Accelerated renderer and improved curve quality.
  • Improved: Updated Bic Pens and Drawing Set Definitions & Colours -led
  • Improved: Moved baked GCode into default GCode preset, to allow more custom GCode.
  • Improved: Drawings which take less than a second will now show elapsed time in milliseconds.
  • Fixed: Memory Leak when "Auto Run PFM" is enabled, resulting in slow down of the application.
  • Fixed: "Plotting Resolution" breaking on multiple PFMs
  • Fixed: "Plotting Size" not showing the correct dimensions when using padding -led
  • Fixed: "Preferences" config not saving properly on shutdown in some situations