Change Log
  • Added: "Create Curves" option to Voronoi TSP, matching Adaptive TSP.
  • Improved: Stars & Triangles in Adaptive Shapes are now symmetrical
  • Improved: Selecting values outside of the "safe" range of the slider with the text box now works as expected.
  • Improved: Spiral centres can not be placed outside of the drawing area.
  • Improved: When exporting files the last used extension will be kept.
  • Improved: File name increments now also check for files with different extensions within the same file type e.g. image, svg
  • Improved: Support for importing more image file extensions ".tiff", ".jif", ".jiff", ".wbmp"
  • Improved: Clicking on the slider trigger Auto Run PFM as expected
  • Improved: The CMYK Multipliers will be saved with the application as well as the project so will maintain their last state.
  • Fixed: "Create Curves" in Adaptive TSP not working properly
  • Fixed: "Ignore White" in Spiral Circular Scribbles not working properly
  • Fixed: Spiral PFMs crashing with Colour Match enabled
  • Fixed: Checkboxes in the Drawing Pen dropdown not updating properly when pens are removed/added.