Change Log
  • Added: 7 NEW PFMS
    • Spiral Circular Scribbles: creates a spiral made of one continuous circular scribble
    • Hatch Sawtooth: creates a series of parallel wavy lines to represent an image, the lines are connected at each end, to form one continous line.
    • Hatch Circular Scribbles: creates a series of parallel circular scribbles to represent an image, the lines are connected at each end, to form one continous line.
    • Adaptive Letters: similar to Adaptive Shapes but instead uses letters from included SVG Fonts (it can also use regular fonts)
    • Voronoi Letters: similar to Adaptive Letters but distributes the letters with a Weighted Voronoi Diagram instead
    • Mosaic Segments: Generates a mosaic out of detailed segments using Simple Linear Iterative Clustering, the shapes it generates represent the shapes present in the original drawing much more accurately that Mosaic Voronoi.
    • Mosaic Triangulation: Generates a mosaics out of triangulation generated via Delaunay Triangulation.
  • Added: “Hatch Fill” options to SVG Converter – which will allow DrawingBotV3 to convert many more SVG types, and generate fills for solid shapes which can easily be drawn by a pen plotter.
    • “Shape Clipping” – When enabled Solid Shapes will “clip” the shapes below, meaning if a shape is covered by another in the SVG only the visible part will be drawn, this only occurs for solid shapes, individual lines won’t clip the shapes below.
    • “Shape Filling” – When enabled Hatch Fills will be generated
    • “Spacing” – The distance between the hatch lines, it is relative to the pen width so a spacing of 1.0 will draw over the entire shape with no gaps, a spacing of 2.0 will leave spaces the same width as the pen.
    • “Min/Max Rotation” – Controls the rotation of the generated hatch lines
    • “Link Ends” – Links the resulting hatch lines to create one continous line (for some shapes this may not always be possible)
    • “Crosshatch” – Creates an additional set of perpendicular Hatch Lines
  • Added: New Erasing Settings for Sketch PFMS, these allow the creation of new styles, specifically ones which can be drawn more easily with a single pen. The following settings have been added. These settings replace “Adjust Brightness”, you can think of “Erase Min” and “Erase Max” as the “Adjust Brightness range”, using the same erase min & max is the same as setting “Adjust Brightness” in previous versions. Using a Erase Radius Min & Erase Radius Max of 1.0 will produce the same results as previous versions. The radius allows you to control the spacing of lines in a way which wasn’t possible before.
    • Erase Min: the minimum intensity of the erase process
    • Erase Max: the maximum intensity of the erase process
    • Erase Radius Min: the minimum radius of the erased shape
    • Erase Radius Max: the maximum radius of the erased shape
    • Tone: controls the contrast of the erase processs, using a higher Tone will result in a image with a stronger contrast in the spacing of lines. The tone slider has no effect when the Erase Range values are identical.
  • Added: New PFM Presets
    • Sketch Lines (“Digital”, “Sharp Lines”, “Micro Detail”)
    • Adaptive Dashes (“Vertical Lines”, “Horizontal Lines”, “Needles”)
    • Adaptive Circular Scribbles (“Sketchy”)
    • Adaptive Shapes (“Overlapping Squares”, “Overlapping Circles”)
  • Added: “Exported Drawing” display mode, this will show the last set of files exported, you can select a recent exported file.
    • It shows the difference in the following stats after path optimization, “Shapes”, “Total Travel”, “Distance Down”, “Distance Up”, “Pen Lifts” and also each pen it’s respective distance travelled.
    • By default when you export a vector file the “Exported Drawing” display mode will be shown, you can disable this in File / Preferences / Export Settings / General
  • Added: Splash Screen, which displays while DBV3 is loading.
  • Added: New “Contrast” & “Brightness” settings to Adaptive PFMs, Adaptive PFMS rely on good contrast in the original image, so now a initial level of contrast is applied, the default is currently “1.25”, setting this too “1.00” will result in the same results as previous versions
  • Added: “Align Rotation” setting to Adaptive Shapes, this will cause the shapes generated to follow the natural contours of the image, when enabled you won’t be able to set “Min” & “Max” rotation
  • Added: “Point Density” to Voronoi PFMs – this new options allows you to specify a density of points which is relative to the drawings dimensions, instead of matching a arbitary point count ( you can still use a point count with the “Point Limit” option) i.e. a A4 and A3 drawing with the same density would have a similar about of points in a given area
  • Added: “Ignore White” option to Voronoi PFMs, when enabled the PFM will try to avoid creating shapes in white ares of the image.
  • Added: ‘Spiral Type’ setting to Spiral Sawtooth (previously named Spiral PFM)
    • “Archimedean” – The default / original Spiral.
    • “Parabolic” – Two connected spirals / Fermat Spiral
  • Added: “Invert” button to Mask Settings.
  • Added: “Auto Run PFM” – this will automatically re-run the PFM when you change any settings or when you change the current PFM, you can disable this in File/Preferences/General/Auto Run PFM
  • Added: “Select”, “Edit”, and “Draw” Modes too Masking Settings to allow the customisation of Masking and drawing custom masks with lines / bezier curves
  • Added: “Soft Clip” option to Masking Settings – when this is enabled PFMs will naturally overlap over the edges of the mask rather than clipping the shape exactly at the border.
  • Added: “Square Tiles” option to Mosaic Rectangles, when enabled the PFM will only create square tiles, when enabled “row count” and “row padding” will be disabled
  • Improvement: Speed Improvements for Adaptive PFMs, up to 3x faster on larger images.
  • Improvement: Speed Improvements for Sketch PFMs
  • Improvements: The quality of the output from Adaptive Circular Scribbles has been greatly improved and the default preset will now perform much better and result in a more consistent circular scribble quality.
  • Improvement: Increased the rendering speed of the viewport, changes to pen colours and shape ranges will be much more reponsive.
  • Improvement: Renamed mask buttons from “Bypass Mask” & “Show Masks” too “Enable Masking” and “Display Masks”
  • Improvement: Masking – when zooming in the masks edges will now remain 1px wide to allow more precise positioning.
  • Improvement: Masking – you can now more masks using the arrow keys.
  • Improvement: Using the “Reset” and “Randomise” options on category headings in PFM Settings will now affect all the settings in the category.
  • Improvement: The shape / vertice count will now update with the shapes slider
  • Fixed: Original Sampling Pens (Original Colour, Original Grayscale etc.)
  • Fixed: Installation issues on MacOS, all MacOS installers are now digitally signed and notarized with Apple.
  • Fixed: Installation issues on Windows, all Windows installers are now digitally signed and time stamped.
  • Fixed: Adaptive PFMs creating unexpected overlapping shapes in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Spiral PFM producing inconsistent line spacing
  • Fixed: CMYK Seperation sometimes producing pixellated areas in Dark areas of the image.
  • Fixed: “Reset” button in the Configure Styles menu.
  • Fixed: Mosaic PFMs randomly crashing on some runs.
  • Fixed: Mosaic PFMs weight not having any effect on number of specific styles
  • Fixed: Masking Settings not working in some situations
  • Fixed: Old projects not opening properly in new versions.
  • Fixed: Issue where sometimes the Pen Distribution would not update properly.
  • Fixed: Issue where Sketch Waves would freeze and not complete in some situations.
  • Fixed: Adaptive TSP path linking accuracy (results in less overlapping lines)
  • Fixed: Reduced the impact of several background processes
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