• Added License Key Activation
  • Finding Your License Key
    • Find your license key here – enter the password pinned in the Alpha Testers Discord Channel
    • Note: License keys maybe re-generated after the alpha testing phase if necessary.
  • Activation
    • You will be prompted for a License Key the first time you start DrawingBotV3
    • This process requires an internet connection.
    • After this it will be authenticated silently in the background, if no connection is made within 5 days you will be prompted to re-connect to the internet to re-authenticate the license.
    • You can activate the License Key on 2 computers / 2 seats at the same time which are owned/used by the same user.
  • Deactivation
    • Deactivate licenses by going to Help / License Key / Deactivate
    • Deactivation will free up one of your 2 seats.
  • Details
    • Each license is cryptographically signed too each user & device are are not interchangeable or transferable.