• Added: 'Voronoi Style' option to Adaptive Voronoi, Voronoi Diagram & Mosaic Voronoi.
    • "Classic" - The default and original Voronoi Diagram
    • "Smooth" - A smoother version of the original
    • "Sharp" - A more jagged / stylised version
    • "Offset A, B, C" - Less detailed / stylised version using the different offsets of adjacent triangles
  • Added: "Smooth Distribution" option to Colour Match, this option will result in a more even usage of different pen colours which will rely less on Black & the canvas colour.
  • Added: Reset UI button to the "View" menu
  • Improved: Low Quality mode will now run faster and produce similar results to version of DB before v1.5.0
  • Improved: Speed improvements for Sketch PFMs
  • Improved: Speed improvements for Colour Match
  • Improved: Sketch Shapes paths will now link properly when in Rectangle mode, significantly reducing plotting time.
  • Improved: Path optimisation for all PFMS, significant reduction in plotting times.
  • Improved: Mosaic PFMs now have better Multi-Threading so will process much faster.
  • Fixed: Sketch Sobel crashing in some situtations.
  • Fixed: Sketch PFMs having an uneven distribution when compared to previous versions of DB before v1.5.0
  • Fixed: SVG Converter PFM will now retain the original units / scale of the imported SVG.
  • Fixed: Voronoi Diagram not updating on each iteration
  • Fixed: Mosaic PFMs using the wrong scale when High Quality mode is being used.
  • Fixed: Mosaic Voronoi having excessively long processing times.
  • Fixed: Colour Match crashing in some situations due to excessive memory usage.
  • Fixed: Minor Issue where the final shape might be not drawn or drawn with the wrong pen.

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