Premium Version

DrawingBotV3 now comes in two versions Free and Premium as of Version 1.3.0.

I’ve been working on this project since January 2021, after first finding Scott Cooper’s work and loving the results. After a year of development and many man hours it has become unrecognizable from its original form and has developed into a fully fledged software for creating art!

I’ve loved seeing what people create with this tool and all of the suggestions and encouragement from the community, however, sadly this doesn’t help keep the lights on and like many people the past two years have been a crazy time for me juggling this workload around my life.

So after careful consideration I’ve decided to split DrawingBotV3 into two versions. This keeps it available to everyone, while helping to feed back into the development process and future work on the project. The following features have now moved into the Premium Version only.

  • All Path-Finding Modules (excluding Sketch Lines, Sketch Squares and Spiral PFM)
  • CMYK Seperation
  • Batch Processing
  • Animation / Image Sequence Export
  • HPGL Export
  • Vintage Plotter Support / Serial Port Communication
  • Hardware Accelerated Renderer
  • Video Processing

Thank you for your support! I look forward to seeing what you make in 2022!