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Premium Features

  • All the features included in the Free Version
  • 50 Path Finding Algorithmsincludes 47 more Path Finding Modules!
  • CMYK separationeffortlessly create images using CMYK Pens
  • Colour Matchcreate multi-colour plots with your own pens using the Colour Match separation feature!
  • Batch ProcessingProcess entire folders of images export them in multiple formats automatically
  • Export AnimationsYou can export animations of your creations as Image Sequences or MP4/MOV files!
  • Style Controls: Adds style controls to Sketch PFMS, to create more stylised outputs!
  • Plotter / Serial Port Connection: Connect to HPGL based plotters and control them over the serial port.
  • Video Processing: Convert every frame from imported video files automatically
  • HPGL Export: Export files for plotters, with configurable Hard-Clip limits, X-Axis Mirror, Y-Axis Mirror, X-Axis Alignment, Y-Axis Alignment, Rotation, Curve Flatness, Pen Velocity and the initial Pen Number.
  • Hardware Accelerated Renderer: Fast OpenGL Based Renderer to preview drawings in higher clarity and speed!
  • Pen Calibration Tools: Use the special Pen Calibration PFM, to calibrate the pens you’re using for even better results

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13 reviews for DrawingBotV3 Premium Version

  1. hubertus (verified owner)

    DrawingBot is a must have software for any plotter artist. It makes my dream come true to create artwork and output it directly to my hp pen plotter. A lot of features and ongoing development is excellent. So many options and configurations allow an enormous range of possibilities.
    Support is the best I have ever had in any software product. I use this application everyday. Absolute recommendation.
    Hubertus from Switzerland

  2. Alexey Zelenin (verified owner)

    Great program. which helped me realize my hobby.
    Convenient, structured, amazing!

  3. ANDREAS ROOS (verified owner)

    Best software ever made! If you have a plotter you need this. No question! Can’t recommend highly enough! Does even improve your life 😜. Very very very good for making plots and creating art

  4. Woody Poulard (verified owner)

    Once I added DBv3 to my workflow, I feel like I added an extra dimension to my artwork! Such a great piece of software!

  5. clement.redoux (verified owner)

    I fell in love with dbv3. It’s essential for someone who has a plotter. It’s easy to use and very powerfull. The support is more than responsive and there is a lot of updates. Thanks to the db team!


  6. Kay Hall (verified owner)

    This is one of the most amazing pieces of software I have ever seen. I am amazed at all it can do and the fact that it is always evolving and adding new features to create beautiful art for plotting.

  7. Paul George (verified owner)

    A very powerful tool and a must for anyone who wants to create images for uses a digital plotter. I am an amateur photographer / plotter and use this tool almost daily. There is a huge range of path finding algorithms and options. Support is fast and very helpful. New releases come out frequently. The user group on Discord is also quite active and useful.

  8. Jimmy Kirkus-Lamont (verified owner)

    Drawingbot has become my go to app for creating generative vector artwork for plotting (and printmaking) (and digital art) (and animation) (etc).
    It’s a unique toolkit with a great balance of accessible features and deep configurability/customisation, which is uncommon in this space.
    There’s a great community on the Discord exploring all facets of the software and wider applications.
    Premium is well worth it, especially considering the pace of development and oustanding support.

  9. Marcos Gabriel dos Santos (verified owner)

    Using DrawingBot, I’ve achieved wonderful results that have added a new layer of excellence to my work. The software is user-friendly yet powerful, catering to both seasoned artists and newcomers to the digital art scene. Its interface is intuitive, making the exploration of its vast features both enjoyable and straightforward.

  10. kim (verified owner)

    An absolutely must have for any plotter artist.

  11. marti.unoatc (verified owner)

    Great product, great community, and great service.
    The program is in constant development, and everyday gets more and more features. There is not enough time a day to keep up with the constant development.
    Really happy with the program and the post buy service.

  12. Willow Franklin (verified owner)

    DrawingBot has become as essential to my process as photoshop, It really is a must have for any artist working with a pen plotter.

  13. LB ALLIX (verified owner)

    There were many methods to create an SVG file, if you had a lot of time to learn to code, several vector software programs, generators that were not optimized, it was not always easy… and DrawingBotV3 was invented! Thank you for creating such easy-to-use and amazing software, with everything you need to play with every existing plotter. The tutorial videos are so well done that you can draw in just a few minutes. Constantly updated, there are always good new features with the Premium version. I have just compliments on this software, go for the Premium and all the wonderful drawings it can help you create!

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