Change Log
  • Added: “High Quality Mode DPI” to preferences, creating greater consistency of style between High/Low Quality input images and different page sizes.
  • Improved: Tone/Contrast consistency between High Quality / Normal Quality + better shadow detail in High Quality mode.
  • Improved: OpenGL Renderer will now initialize silently at runtime
  • Improved: Switching between Drawing and Drawing (Hardware Accelerated) will maintain the original viewport position.
  • Fixed: Pop-Ups/Dialogs appearing on a different desktop/screen and sometimes crashing the application.
  • Fixed: Pop-Ups/Dialogs sometimes minimizing/hiding the main window.
  • Fixed: High Quality mode producing lower quality results when using high resolution images.

Windows Installer (.msi)
Windows Portable (.zip)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)