Change Log
  • Added: File / Open Recent Menu, which shows the 15 most recently opened/saved projects
  • Added: Save project alert when closing the application or an individual project
  • Added: Close Project and Close All Projects shortcuts to File Menu
  • Added: Option to disable HPGL Buffer checks in HPGL preferences, fixes compatibility with some plotters
  • Fixed: Crash on load when OpenCL is not present on Windows operating systems
  • Fixed: Compatibility with running in Virtual Machines
  • Fixed: OpenCL Acceleration performance on Apple Silicon
  • Fixed: PFM Settings not loading properly when projects are re-opened
  • Fixed: Saved projects having large files sizes when multiple project versions are present
  • Fixed: Drawing Area padding not being applied properly when running Batch Processing mode
  • Fixed: Blend modes acting inconsistently when exporting images
  • Fixed: Advanced preferences not saving and reloading properly
  • Fixed: PFMs re-running when switching project when Auto Run PFM is enabled
  • Fixed: Sketch Sweeping Curves exiting the image area in unnatural way / changed default curvature to 0
  • Fixed: Mosaic styles window cut-off at the bottom
  • Improved: Increased default window size for easier usage on small screens.
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