Change Log
  • Added: ‘Edge Trace’ presets to Sketch PFMs, which utilise new ‘Seed Type’ setting, to create sketches which exaggerate edges and small details.
  • Added: ‘Seed Type’ to Sketch PFMs, ability to seed lines from Luminance / Edges / Sobel data
  • Added: Preset Manager – accessible via File/Preset Manager
    • Re-order both user/system presets / change the default order of presets in menus
    • Enable/Disable presets, prevent them from appearing in menus
    • Edit presets with more detailed edit controls
    • Import / Export multiple presets or all presets at once.
    • Override in-built system presets with your own settings
  • Added: HPGL Custom Codes for more advanced configuring of HPGL Files, configurable Start, End, Pen Up, Pen Down, Start Pen Layer, End Pen Layer
  • Added: Additional GCode Wildcard, %PEN_ID% to allow more configurable tool changes
  • Added: Individual setting search functionality in the Preferences UI with automatic yellow highlighting
  • Improved: Viewport Rewrite: the main viewport has been re-written switching between OpenGL and JavaFX will now be more seamless and the canvas will be more responsive
  • Improved: ‘Circular Scribbles’ PFMs have been re-written and now create smoother scribbles
  • Improved: ‘Hatch Sawtooth’ PFM has been re-written it now creates more accurate results
  • Improved: CPU/GPU Usage when idle, the program will consume less resources in general when running in the background
  • Improved: Performance and responsiveness of the Hardware Accelerated Renderer
  • Improved: Memory footprint and speed of Sketch PFMs
  • Improved: Changes to Drawing Pen presets will be applied to existing Drawing Set presets when the pens match.
  • Improved: Presets now must have unique identifiers, to allow for more advanced editing
  • Improved: Simplified Batch Processing UX to allow easier editing of Input/Output Folders
  • Improved: Presets, added additional notifications while editing presets
  • Improved: Preferences now only save changes from default values, allowing defaults to be tweaked more easily in the future
  • Improved: Hardware Accelerated Renderer, start time, memory usage and speed
  • Improved: Speed of Pen Distribution re-calculations
  • Improved: UX the settings panes on the left will grow to fill available space when no other panes are open
  • Fixed: Added ‘ocl-icd-opencl-dev’ to linux dependencies, fixing “could not load libOpenCL.so” errors / the app failing to start on linux
  • Fixed: Hatch Sawtooth producing incomplete lines when used in Mosaic Segments
  • Fixed: CMYK + Streamlines stopping prematurely
  • Fixed: Streamlines Edge Fields inconsistency with OpenCL enabled
  • Fixed: PFM Layers not using Color Separation
  • Fixed: Slow pen distribution when using composite PFMs
  • Fixed: Roland DPX 3300 HPGL Preset
  • Fixed: ‘Mask Settings’ missing from the ‘View’ menu
  • Fixed: Menu Bar positioning with i3 Window Manager on Linux
  • Fixed: Black flicker when first starting the OpenGL Hardware Accelerated Renderer
  • Fixed: UI flickering / re-layout when opening the application
  • Fixed: Potential memory leaks, eventual application slow down
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