Change Log
  • Added: "Advanced Settings" to preferences, allowing you to specify which OpenCL device to use for acceleration, use with default settings unless you have issues.
  • Improved: Colour Accuracy and Line Quality of Colour Match when using Sketch PFMs
  • Improved: Speed of the "Refine ETF" stage of Streamlines Edge Field
  • Improved: Speed of the "Comparing Pens" stage when using Colour Match
  • Fixed: Crash on load on MacOS High Sierra / Disable Documentation Integration for MacOs pre Big Sur
  • Fixed: Crash when using Streamlines Edge Field / Colour Match on more recent GPU/CPU Combinations
  • Fixed: Some preferences auto-applying when other settings change
  • Fixed: Export Image using the incorrect scaling when using High Quality Mode in some configurations
  • Fixed: Sketch PFMs creating digital-like artifacts in dark areas when using Unlimited Tests
  • Fixed: Mosaic Custom using the incorrect scaling when the mask and image size didn't match
  • Fixed: Hardware Accelerated Renderer canvas positioning when first loaded
  • Note: Switched from Aparapi to JOCL for OpenCL Integration
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Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)