• Added: New improved button controls for Image Processing, Pen Settings, Version Control and Mask Settings
  • Added: Support for different Plotting Resolution on individual drawing styles in Layers PFM and Mosaic PFMS
  • Added: Option to specify the naming convention for Inkscape Layers, go to File / Export Settings / SVG.
  • Added: Option to enable/disable background layer export for SVGs, it will now be disabled by default
  • Added: Option to disable Grid Snapping when moving masks, found at the top of Mask Settings
  • Added: Controls to manually edit the size of the selection when editing masks, found at the bottom of Mask Settings
  • Improved: When performing actions on items in tables selections will now be more intuitive e.g. when moving items up and down, they will stay selected
  • Improved: Drawing Set render previews will now live update with pen changes
  • Improved: Increased the size of the text boxes when editing GCode in File / Export Settings / GCode
  • Improved: When opening projects they will always open in the Drawing display mode, rather than Image.
  • Improved: Standardised the sizing of tables in the UI
  • Fixed: SVG Exports having the wrong scaling when using Inches or Centimeters
  • Fixed: Plotting Resolution not working correctly when in CMYK Colour Separation
  • Fixed: Completely Black Pens not being shown in SVG Exports
  • Fixed: SVG Exports failing in rare cases where closed paths would be merged
  • Fixed: Export per/n pens being too large on some screens and made the window resizable.
  • Fixed: Removed erroneous pen 222 from Staedtler 36 pen pack – led