Change Log
  • Added: SVG Converter - Support for SVG Gradients when Colour Match is enabled
  • Added: Extra options for SVG Converter; 'Shape Outlines', 'Gradient Angle Match' and 'Gradient Colour Match'
  • Added: 'Export Logs / Crash Reports' to the help menu, to simplify providing support / debugging
  • Added: 'Switch to SVG Converter on SVG Import' option to SVG Preferences
  • Improved: Reduced memory usage over application lifetime
  • Improved: Speed of clipping when using Masks / SVG Converter
  • Fixed: Crash on load when OpenCL Native Library is unavailable
  • Fixed: OpenGL Renderer attempting to load on devices without OpenGL 3.3+ support.
  • Fixed: SVG Converter - Using incorrect scaling in some situations
  • Fixed: Export per/pens failing when the pen names contain special characters
  • Fixed: SVG Converter - Shape clipping failing on complex SVGs
  • Fixed: Freeze/hang when switching to cm/inches when the drawing width or height is 0.0
  • Fixed: PFM not running when the drawing width/height is 0.0, now runs with default sizing: A4 paper
  • Fixed: Occasional momentary hang after a PFM has finished processing
  • Fixed: Renamed the Stabilo pen presets to match correct pen naming conventions / no special characters


Change Log
  • Fixed: OpenCL Integration on MacOS and other configurations where OpenCL 2.0 is unavailable.
Windows Installer (.msi)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)


Change Log
  • Added: "Advanced Settings" to preferences, allowing you to specify which OpenCL device to use for acceleration, use with default settings unless you have issues.
  • Improved: Colour Accuracy and Line Quality of Colour Match when using Sketch PFMs
  • Improved: Speed of the "Refine ETF" stage of Streamlines Edge Field
  • Improved: Speed of the "Comparing Pens" stage when using Colour Match
  • Fixed: Crash on load on MacOS High Sierra / Disable Documentation Integration for MacOs pre Big Sur
  • Fixed: Crash when using Streamlines Edge Field / Colour Match on more recent GPU/CPU Combinations
  • Fixed: Some preferences auto-applying when other settings change
  • Fixed: Export Image using the incorrect scaling when using High Quality Mode in some configurations
  • Fixed: Sketch PFMs creating digital-like artifacts in dark areas when using Unlimited Tests
  • Fixed: Mosaic Custom using the incorrect scaling when the mask and image size didn't match
  • Fixed: Hardware Accelerated Renderer canvas positioning when first loaded
  • Note: Switched from Aparapi to JOCL for OpenCL Integration
Windows Installer (.msi)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)


Change Log
  • Added:¬†3 New Streamlines PFMS¬†Streamline PFMs generate streamlines to represent an image which are driven by the direction from a vector field. The streamlines are spaced according to the brightness of the image without overlapping. The underlying vector field can be altered dramatically to create many different styles which still remaining faithful to the original images brightness. This makes them very versatile for creating stylised wave like patterns which can be highly customised.
    • Streamlines Edge Field – Generates streamlines which follow the natural direction of the image, derived from an Edge Tangent Field
    • Streamlines Flow Field – Generates streamlines which follow a Flow Field
    • Streamlines Superformula – Generates streamlines which follow a Superformula
  • Added: Support for “Export to vpype” when using Batch Processing / Video Processing and in all default export modes “per/pen, per/n pens” etc.
  • Improved: Quality and tone retention when using CMYK
  • Improved: Line Accuracy of Sketch PFMs
  • Improved: SVG Converter – Overall speed especially when Shape Clipping is enabled.
  • Improved: SVG Converter – Quality of hatch fills on curved shapes
  • Improved: SVG Converter – Handling of compound paths and filling shapes with holes
  • Improved: SVG Converter – SVG Dimension interpretation when no dimensions are specified
  • Improved: Colour Match pen comparison speed
  • Improved: Added more detailed progress bar to Adaptive PFMs
  • Changed: CMYK / CMYK (Extended) now use a default Clean Black & Clean White of 0
  • Fixed: Sketch PFMs drawing multiple straight lines in dark areas when using Unlimited Tests.
  • Fixed: Incorrect canvas alignment when using “Crop to fit” with inches/cm
  • Fixed: GCode Export – missing pen up commands at the start/end of layers
  • Fixed: Failed start-ups in situations where OpenCV libraries failed to load
  • Fixed: Batch/Video Processing failing to draw the current task

Windows Installer (.msi)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)


Change Log
  • Added: “High Quality Mode DPI” to preferences, creating greater consistency of style between High/Low Quality input images and different page sizes.
  • Improved: Tone/Contrast consistency between High Quality / Normal Quality + better shadow detail in High Quality mode.
  • Improved: OpenGL Renderer will now initialize silently at runtime
  • Improved: Switching between Drawing and Drawing (Hardware Accelerated) will maintain the original viewport position.
  • Fixed: Pop-Ups/Dialogs appearing on a different desktop/screen and sometimes crashing the application.
  • Fixed: Pop-Ups/Dialogs sometimes minimizing/hiding the main window.
  • Fixed: High Quality mode producing lower quality results when using high resolution images.

Windows Installer (.msi)
Windows Portable (.zip)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)


Change Log
- Improved: Initial start speed of LBG PFMs
- Improved: MacOS - OpenGL Renderer Quality/Speed Improvements
- Improved: HPGL / GCode Export error reporting
- Fixed: PFMs Failing to run in some situations with "could not initialize class" errors
- Fixed: MacOS OpenGL Renderer not initializing on some operating systems.
- Fixed: OpenGL Renderer failing to initialize in Full Screen
- Fixed: Import/Export Dialogs not appearing when the previous location is unavailable.
- Fixed: HPGL / GCode Export failing to start in some situations on MacOS

Windows Installer (.msi)
Windows Portable (.zip)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)


Change Log
  • Added: Group option for Masks, right-click a mask in the table with multiple selected to create a new grouped mask.
  • Added: Link Square Paths & Link Circle Paths to Pen Calibration PFM, reducing pen lifts when running tests.
  • Added: Heart as a new Shape and Mask Type.
  • Added: Support for Proxies when running with a Corporate Firewall.
  • Improved: UI Scaling on Pen Settings and Batch Processing panels.
  • Fixed: Colour Match failing to finish with “Out of range“.
  • Fixed: Catmull-Roms PFM failing to finish with “testData is null“.
  • Fixed: Duplicating masks creating an additional invisible mask.
  • Fixed: SVG Converter PFM handling empty paths incorrectly, resulting in export failures.
  • Fixed: SVG Converter PFM ignoring the Pen Limit when using Colour Match

Windows Installer (.msi)
Windows Portable (.zip)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)


Change Log
  • Added: 2 New PFMs:
    • Sketch Flow Fields - Uses a Flow Field to direct the generated paths.
    • Sketch Superformula - Uses Superformula to produce sketch plots which are driven by radial patterns, such as stars, vortexes and ellipses. You can use examples shown on the Superformula wiki by using the examples m, n1, n2 and n3 for Frequency, Curvature, Sine Factor and Cos Factor respectively
  • Added: CMYK (Extended Gamut) - A new color separation option which extends the stand CMYK range to include Orange, Green, Violet, Red and Blue. It can create plots with even more vibrant colors and more colour accurate result than standard CMYK. You can even add your own pens to the color separation, allowing for even more accurate results, it is best to still keep the main CMYK pens as part of the plot.
  • Added: 2 New Distribution Types
    • Random Squiggles - Unlike the classic Random distribution, random squiggles will only change pen when a Squiggle (continuous path without pen lifts) is finished.
    • Luminance Weighted - Distributes pens according to each shape's luminance in the original image, works especially well with non-Sketch PFMs by reintroducing multiple pens to the plot in a more aesthetically pleasing way than alternative distribution types. Try it out with Adaptive Shapes!
  • Added: New CMYK Settings
    • Clean Black - Prevents areas of complete black being drawn over by non-black pens, resulting in a cleaner result with less ink wasted.
    • Clean White - Works in a similar way to Clean Black, and protects white areas from being drawn over by off-white pens.
    • Vibrancy - Controls the overall intensity for the Extended Gamut colors (Orange, Green, Violet, Red and Blue)
    • Reduce Overlay - Controls the amount pens are allowed to overlap in the final result.
  • Improved: New CMYK Separation configuration UI, to allow more advanced configurations.
  • Improved: CMYK Settings can now be saved along with Drawing Set presets.
  • Improved: Serial Connection progress will now show high values in hours/min/sec and not just min/sec
  • Fixed: Notifications not appearing
  • Fixed: Anchor point positioning when rotating mask shapes with shift held down.
  • Fixed: Elapsed time flickering when hours / minutes reached 0
Windows Installer (.msi)
Windows Portable (.zip)
Linux Debian Installer (.deb)
Linux Redhat Installer (.rpm)